C Program to understand concept of Union



union is a user-defined data type available in C that allows all members to store different data types in the same memory location. You can define a union with many members, but only one member can contain a value at any given time.


Keyword used to define it is union.

C Program to understand concept of Union

Like here, the union variable Emp has used two datatypes char type and float type. And the members X and Y are stored in a same memory location with memory storage of 4 bytes. Here the size of the union variable is 4 because the size of the union variable will always be the size of its largest element(i.e; the size of float y which is 4 bytes).To understand this more we have, Basic Program to understand the Concept of Union:

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
    union number
        int  n1;
        float n2;
    union number x;
    printf("Enter the value of n1: ");
    scanf("%d", &x.n1);
    printf("Value of n1 = %d", x.n1);
    printf("\nEnter the value of n2: ");
    scanf("%f", &x.n2);
    printf("Value of n2 = %f\n", x.n2);


Enter the value of n1: 10
Value of n1 = 10
Enter the value of n2: 50
Value of n2 = 50.000000


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