Introduction to Data Structure and Data Type



The computer system is used essentially as Data Management System where ‘Data’ are very important thing for it. The data can be referred to in many ways such as data, data items, data structures etc. The data must be represented, stored, organized, processed and manage so as to support the user environment. All these factors very much depend upon the way data are aggregated.

Elementary Data Representation

  • Elementary representation of data can be in forms of raw data, data item, data structures.
  • Raw Data are raw facts, these are simply values or set of value.
  • Data item represents single unit of values of certain type.

Data Type 

When computer program store data , it is stored in specific data type. A data type refers to a named group of data which share similar properties of characteristics and which have common behaviour among them.

Below are the common data types –

  1. Integer – It allows to only have digits (0-9) and +,- signs in the integer data. In C and C++ uses keyword int to define integer data type.
  2. Real – It allows to store fractional number such as digits along with +,-,dot (like – +89 , -85.69 , +986.356).  There are two real data types Float and Double to store real numbers. The float data type is used to real numbers with less precision (10.25, 253.4, 968.25) and the double data type is used to store real numbers with more precision (85.6969).
  3. Character – It allowes to store any charatctersuch as number(09), alphabets(A-Z, a-z), special characters (+,-,#,$,%,^,&,*,_,+,!,~).  Keyword Char is used to charater data .


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